Buying bullion normally means that you go to a dealer and purchase your item in-store. But what if you buy bullion online? What should you know when it comes to shipping your silver bullion safely? We hear so many times about the risks of shipping goods, and bullion isn’t just any normal products or goods.

Before you start buying online at any online Australian bullion trader, you should make sure about this information about the shipment. You want to get your package whole.

It is the responsibility of the traders to ship bullion safely

This is the most important thing you need to know about online dealers and shipping.  They are responsible to ship the bullion carefully and safely to you. Yes, it might cost you some added fees, but they need to pack and ship it carefully to you. And, for sure take insurance on the package they send.

Many dealers say that you are responsible for the package that is being shipped. But, it isn’t. You should pay for shipment, but they need to ensure that the package reaches its destination. Without causing any damage to the bullion products.

Asking them about the way of shipment before buying bullion

One of the most important things to consider when buying bullion online is to ask the seller about the shipment of the product. To make sure that they take the right precautions when shipping the bullion. The value of the bullion is high and should be considered when shipped out.

If you found that they don’t really care about the way they ship the silver, you can cancel the purchase and start looking at dealers that take the shipment seriously.

Normal shipping services should not be used

For sure, you should not let the seller make use of normal shipping services. Or that they are using local shipping services. It needs to be specialized couriers that are familiar with shipping bullion. You should be able to get a tracking number so that you can track the package until it arrives at your door.

Normal shipping services don’t offer insurance on the package. And, if they do offer insurance, you are going to pay a lot of money for the insurance. But, it is worth the payments. You don’t want to purchase something that you will not get any time soon.

How a precious metal package should be shipped

The precious metal needs to be packed carefully and with a couple of layers. Not only should the package keep each individual packed, but it might need to be packed in two containers. You should also make sure that the sender doesn’t say on the package what inside the package is. If no one knows what is inside, it will be less likely to be stolen during transport.

It is possible to buy silver bullion online, but you need to make sure that your package is sealed and shipped correctly. The last thing that you want is that the package to be stolen or lost during transport, causing a lot of problems for you.

By Aulia