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We take a deep dive into how the platform works and discover whether or not it’s been successful to meet today’s customers needs. The Compare View in the Backoffice Framework has been enhanced, allowing users to modify the compared items through dragging the attribute of an item and dropping it to the relevant field of another item. The recent innovations of SAP Commerce Cloud solution reinforce our commitment as a long-term partner to our enterprise customers, supporting their growth, modernization, and efficiency. Since SAP Commerce Cloud is based on open APIs, it can be quickly integrated with third-party solutions as well. We offer many prebuilt integrations to third-party solutions through SAP Store.

  • At SAP, we’re invested in helping you reach your full commerce potential and optimize your business growth.
  • In addition to deprecating the accelerator storefront and the related addon extensions, as well as OCC template extensions since 2205 , the SAP Commerce Cloud, Composable Storefront is released in 2211 version.
  • Our innovations bring new opportunities for business but without extra complexity to be managed to comply with standards.
  • Commerce Cloud aims to solve these issues with modules aimed at both B2B and B2C users.
  • Then, request a system analysis and summary of findings with the CQC for Deployment Readiness.
  • SAP Commerce Cloud allows users to really personalize the customer experience to their needs and guarantee a very clean, professional process of handling.

A powerful merchandising capability enables us to set fixed locations for certain products on the website, depending on predefined business goals. SAP Commerce Cloud architecture has agility, scalability, and flexibility with cloud-native capabilities. It helps deliver personalized digital commerce experiences, simplify digital transformation, and accelerate time-to-value.

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SAP Commerce Cloud is our proven commerce solution built mainly for large enterprises with advanced B2B, B2C, and B2B2C use cases. You can customize the solution to meet your specific needs and manage even the most complex catalogs, products, and configurations for creating exceptional, hyperpersonalized omnichannel experiences. The solution also comes with powerful and comprehensive B2B commerce capabilities. We can segment the customers on the basis of their closeness, such as a brand, a style, a color, usability, interests. As a result, customers will get an individualized shopping experience, and our store will get an increased conversion.

sap commerce cloud features

Today’s online shoppers expect ease, speed, personalization, and reliability wherever they shop – Online or in-store. It’s being used specifically within certain silos within the business and is, effectively, the cornerstone of our digital client platform. SAP Commerce Cloud has constantly allowed us to scale up with our services and it offers a seamless process of scalability. View the SAP Commerce Cloud product road map and explore planned innovations and future features and functionality. Support complex B2B and B2B2C models for customers, dealers, and distributors – all on the same platform. There are extensions as part of integration pack, download the pack and include the required extensions and configure the connections.

In addition, engaging with one-to-one customers helps understand the customers’ needs and deliver what they are looking for. Talking about the business benefits of SAP, it allows business owners to deliver incredible, customized experiences to their customers. The status of “In process” shows that commerce has received the response from SAP S/4 hana cloud of successful sales order creation.

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You can expect higher initial costs because this approach usually means stitching together multiple best-of-breed solutions, which brings another layer of complexity, from licensing costs to maintenance. Our enterprise-grade e-commerce solution enables B2C and B2B organisations to deliver engaging and profitable commerce experiences. The SAP Commerce Cloud solution provides a trusted e-commerce platform that can help you innovate at scale and tap enterprise-wide data to boost profits and customer satisfaction.

Commerce Cloud gives users a single view of inventory across an entire organization. This means a single source of truth for the seller sap e commerce module and complete omnichannel flexibility for the customer. Customers can buy, collect, and return anywhere without messing up stock levels.

Watch the replay of SAP Commerce Cloud 2205 Release Briefing Webcast from June 2, 2022.

Simplify operations on a unified commerce platform with an extensive set of features for B2C, B2B, D2C, B2B2C, and other business models. However, the common reality is that the cloud is better suited to smaller or microservices-based applications.” However, that rule of thumb does not apply to SAP Commerce Cloud. It provides all the benefits of the robust environment and the agility and flexibility that comes from cloud-based infrastructure. SAP Services offers customers a number of options for activating and optimizing their SAP Commerce Cloud solution. With an out-of-the-box integration, improving on cXML Level 1 PunchOut, the new Level 2 PunchOut makes suppliers’ products more accessible, and data complete to buying organizations. Moreover, it increases the visibility of products and drives traffic to PunchOut sites ensuring a differentiated experience from other suppliers.

sap commerce cloud features

The SAP Commerce Cloud works wonders to streamline your ecommerce business. It simplifies the purchasing process – from search to sales for your customers. It combines features such as AI-powered merchandising, chatbots, an intuitive interface, and self-service abilities that make buying and selling processes easy. Armed with this data, users can curate deeply personalized shopping experiences for their customers by refining online product displays , recommendations, offers, and remarketing at the individual level. SAP Commerce Cloud solutions can help you ease the buying process for your customers with a smooth experience – from search to sales. A combination of intuitive, self-service capabilities and AI-powered merchandising, guided selling, assisted service, and chatbots further aid the buying process and drive more profit at a lower cost of ownership.

We’re incredibly proud of what’s coming to SAP Commerce Cloud and we continue to partner with customers to learn what is important to you in your commerce journey. Say goodbye to lengthy and disruptive upgrades, and hello to more frequent and easier to consume updatesto our robust, feature-rich, and flexible platform that can help you deliver profitable growth, from discovery to delivery. Your business is accelerating, so are we with more frequent and easier to consume updates.

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B2B punch out module now supports both SAP Ariba Level 1+ and Level 2 functionalities. Especially the level 2 support enables buying organisations to search for and find PunchOut items within their procurement application, instead of having to search each suppliers’ site directly. It consolidates all company marketing plans, KPIs, budgets, and tracking in one place for better management and collaboration.

sap commerce cloud features

Get a basic understanding of asset management with these courses and videos for beginners. Implementation is generally not included and is provided by agency partners. It seamlessly integrates the customer journey across all touchpoints, reducing friction in the buying process. Service Cloud connects fragmented service channels into a singular unified overview. Agents can see what products a customer has recently viewed, and can go above and beyond the call of duty by adding products to a customer’s cart and giving discretionary discounts and free gifts.

BASE1 mobile platform allows customers to launch fully integrated API-driven mobile apps at lightning speed, increasing mobile sales while decreasing maintenance costs. We continue to deliver innovation to the market through SAP Commerce Cloud and through a robust ecosystem of worldwide partners who help our customers realize market opportunities. We’re thrilled that the number of partners we work with continues to grow in the SAP Store, expanding offerings of differentiated and unique capabilities to our customers. Here are some examples of new partners delivering additional value to SAP Commerce Cloud.

SAP Customer Data Cloud

Please note that with the deprecation of addon based extensions, functionality of the accountsummaryaddon has been moved into B2B accelerator core extensions (details. cf. here). Personalized Search Recommendations displays the products that the user would most likely view, basing on their prior browsing history and the current search query in the search result page. In addition to deprecating the accelerator storefront and the related addon extensions, as well as OCC template extensions since 2205 , the SAP Commerce Cloud, Composable Storefront is released in 2211 version. If you are running On-Prem, or if you are deploying on other non-SAP managed infrastructures/servers? But what if you want to find out more beyond the brief summary in the release note, but you don’t have much time to go over the concrete details of the new features row-by-row in the feature table? This blog post will go into a bit more detail of the new features and hopefully can give you a not-so-brief summary of what you want.

Gain Agility and Flexibility with a Composable, Decoupled Storefront

Provides functionality to retrieve all personal data stored about the data subject in a machine-readable format from the system. On user request, the system owner can generate a list for a data subject, containing details about the personal data stored in the system. Hybris’ industry-proven, cloud-based e-commerce and digital marketing solutions are now available as SAP Commerce Cloud – a part of the SAP Customer Experience portfolio. By incorporating a composable approach into your digital commerce strategy, you can achieve commerce agility.

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1.The use case here is replciation of sales order from commerce to SAP S/4 Hana. Though the integration of commerce with SAP S/4 Hana Cloud is not new, I could not find any relevant blogs or articles, so I just thought of posting one. Where exactly is the documentation for this “Composable commerce” it is good it is now OFFICIALLY included as a SAP product but cant find any docs for it.. Implementation team must ensure that security is taken into account when planning, designing, and implementing your custom extension. Are not considered as secure and therefore should not be used in production. Contains unsecured components that you should secure or remove prior to moving into production.

By using the SAP Commerce Cloud, you can unlock the potential of your business and enrich the customer experience. Join Royal Cyber in Partnership with SAP Commerce Cloud Team to create seamless customer experiences & move your business forward by adding commerce cloud to your business model. A headless commerce platform is one in which the consumer-facing presentation layer is decoupled from the primary back-end, operational layer and connected through open APIs. This allows the business to continually add or enhance the experiential elements of the shopping and buying experience without affecting the core functionality of the platform. It also enables new selling channels such as social media marketplaces, mobile apps, in-store kiosks, and more, with minimal development needed by IT. While both can be seen as different terms describing the same thing, e-commerce means selling products online, usually through a typical online store.

What Is SAP Commerce Cloud?

These are run through headless APIs, which ensure your application runs smoothly. Wondering if SAP Commerce Cloud is the right e-commerce platform for your business? This blog has all the details you need to make an informed decision when finding the right solution for your B2B or B2C organization. Gartner Peer Insights reviews constitute the subjective opinions of individual end users based on their own experiences, and do not represent the views of Gartner or its affiliates. Endpoints.Certificates are a way of validating connections between public browsers and service endpoints. For example, when using an HTTPS protocol to access an online storefront, an SSL certificate must be added to the corresponding endpoint.